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the menu (main courses)

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March 25 t0 27

rouleau of red cabbage, potato mousseline with
roquefort, blue grapes, winter purslane,
oyster mushrooms and red wine gravy 19,50

kataifi croquette with corn and coriander,
beluga lentils, endive, cashew nuts and mandarin
with sauce of pumpkin and cumin 19,50 V

rendang of jackfruit, vennelrice, peanuts,
sweet and sour vegetables, coriander and limeleaf 17,00 V

spelt "risotto" with taleggio, green asparagus,
smoked almonds and a poached egg 17,00

V= vegan

we also do take-away



Restaurant De Waaghals
Frans Halsstraat 29
1072 BK Amsterdam
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since 1981

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